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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Are you ready for Football?

Football season means trees turning colors, the smell of burnt leaves, tailgating, football pools, cheerleading and lots of fun eating good food, drinking and watching the games with friends. With the football season kicking into high gear, it is common for the men in our lives to want to get together with the men in their lives to watch a good game. Or, more likely, MANY games. To make your husband or boyfriend's evening special consider a poker party during or after the game. As long as there is beer and food they will be happy!

Football season isn't just for men! There is an increasing amount of time kids spend playing football, baseball, soccer and basketball (to name just a few!) For a fun birthday party give your young athlete a sports party. You can hold the party at either a park, your backyard or combine it with a trip to a pro game.

If you want to put a spin on the ordinary burger, try a variety of these recipes such as Jalapeno-Garlic- Onion Burger , Jack-O-Lantern Burgers (perfect for your Halloween party), Greek Chicken Burgers with Feta or a Cheddar Bacon Hamburger to name a few! Add a basket of chips, coleslaw and other finger foods to create a fun feast during the game.

There is lots of football being watched in my household. My husband is a die hard Florida State Fan, it is his alumni and he lives and breathes for College football! On game day he prepares himself by showering and donning one of his favorite FSU jerseys, tapes his ankles and smears black under his eyes (well not really the later part). Depending upon how the game goes he may change shirts at half time- a long time tradition! Along with wearing the jersey he digs out his class ring from the bottom of his dresser drawer and with much adoration places it on his finger ( for another measure of good luck).

Prior to the game he arranges the family room by strategically placing many FSU artifacts such as a small helmet, an FSU horse that sings the fight song, several other jerseys (just in case he gets dirty during the play) and then furls his FSU flag on the back deck for everyone in the neighborhood to see. Now I have learned to keep my distance during the game. He paces, cheers, yells expletives, when they make a bad play, and continually comments on how he could have made that pass or caught that ball! I remind him that he is a newly senior citizen and is not actually playing with the team. You would think he was actually out there on the playing field and his life depended upon how well he played. He comments on how he used to throw the football in the backyard with his boys and always caught the ball - which I reply with "that is not quite the same as having a 300 pound linebacker coming directly at you"!

Depending upon the outcome of the game determines how the rest of the day goes. If they win he is overjoyed - if they lose he swears he is finished with them and will not watch them play again - he removes his paraphernalia and stores it away until the next game! When the next week arrives win or lose the same routine begins - Ah how wonderful is football season!


Blogger ♥georgie♥ said...

You have some of the most adorable Posh boxes! I wish i would have found your site a few weeks ago while planning my daughters sweet 16 party!

November 19, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

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